Pass a urine drug test. Pass a hair drug test. Pass a blood drug test. Pass a saliva drug test. Pass a random drug test. Pass any drug test.
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Quick Flush Capsules

Works as a flushing agent
to cleanse your body
of all unwanted toxins

Urine Luck
Urine Additive

Destroys toxins in the urine
to pass a drug test

Ultra Klean
Detox Drink

The ultimate carbohydrate-based liquid detox agent

Ultra Klean
Saliva Mouthwash

Effectively cleanses toxins
in your saliva

Ultra Klean Ultra Pure
Synthetic Urine

A synthetic urine designed
to protect your privacy
during a urinary drug test

Zydot Ultra Clean
Hair Purifying Shampoo

Hair Purifying Shampoo
is designed for extremely swift
yet elegant removal
of all toxin residues

The Stuff Chewable

An easy to use chewable tablet
to keep you clean
for up to 5 hours

Omni Cleansing Liquid

A 1 ounce cleansing liquid concentrated to work like a 20 ounce detox drink

Ultra Klean
Shampoo & Conditioner

Deep cleansing shampoo penetrates hair shaft to remove toxin buildup

Ultra Klean Pre-Tox

Assists the detoxifying process to clean your system

Enzymatic Therapy
Whole Body Cleanse





A Whole Body Cleanse
that enhances your own
natural cleansing process
for thorough detoxification

Pre-Tox Daily Capsules

Helps the process
of cleaning your system
prior to passing a drug test

Supreme Klean
7-Day Total Detox

This permanent cleanser
was designed for those who want
to cleanse their
blood, urine, hair and saliva.

1-Panel Dip Card

A great way to drug test
in the privacy
of your own home

5-Panel Dip Card

Reliable and private results
within minutes
to detect five drug metabolites

Oral Fluids Test

Detect drug use
with a saliva drug test kit

Alcohol Test Strips

A fast, highly efficient way
to determine the presence
of alcohol in saliva

Home Hair
Drug Test Kit

Get results in 24 to 48 hours
in the privacy of your home.
Easy collection method